Walkable skylights add unique beauty to homes and businesses. They offer a new way to experience natural light and make spaces feel larger. Discover how these architectural wonders can transform your space with this ultimate guide.

Answers To Common Questions

What Is a Walkable Skylight

Designed specifically for safety, walkable skylights allow people and other load bearing weights to stand, walk, or move across the luminous glass floor. Such skylights create a bright, open feeling with natural sunlight. They also bring spark and life to any space beneath them.

What is the difference between a regular skylight and a walkable skylight?

When you’re comparing skylights and walkable skylights, there are three big differences to consider.

Walkable skylights

Space requirements are the most obvious: a traditional skylight takes up walkable space on your roof or other exterior surface, while a walkable skylight does not. And because it’s designed for walking across its surface, you can get full use out of the square footage.

The likelihood of leaking is also less with a walkable skylight than with a traditional one – so you won’t be dealing with annoying water damage! Plus, the glass is integrated into the flooring rather than sitting on top of it like with traditional skylights, so there are no edges or ridges that might cause someone to trip.

In short, if you’re looking for an efficient way to bring natural light and safety benefits into your building, then walkable skylights have more advantages than traditional ones!

Why Consider Walkable Skylights

If you’re thinking of installing a skylight in your home or business, then you should consider a walkable skylight. Not only do these skylights offer improved aesthetics for your space, but they also provide several practical benefits too.

Most notably, walkable skylights offer daylighting and natural light to any interior space for its associated health benefits, making the space feel airier and more open. And on a practical level, these types of skylights reduce energy usage and costs due to their inherent energy-saving properties.

So, if you’re looking for ways to spruce up any interior space with aesthetic appeal and added functionality, then look no further than the walkable skylight!

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Things To Consider

When it comes to designing a walkable skylight, there are a few different factors to consider. First, take the time to think through the type of glass you want for your skylight. Aesthetics and design matter, as well as does function – after all, you want your skylight to be durable and safe. Your glass manufacturer can help with this decision by considering things like glass thickness, anti-slip properties, and failure redundancy.

Second, strategically position your walkable skylight with natural light in mind. The positioning of your skylight should maximize natural light while also factoring in heat and glare.

Thirdly, when it comes to the size and shape of the walkable skylight, the sky’s the limit! As the feature doesn’t take away from your usable square footage, you have much more flexibility when it comes to customizing its size and shape.

Finally – although this aspect is just as important – set specific goals for what you want this walkable skylight to achieve in terms of feel and aesthetics. Skylights can make a room brighter, larger, and more open, but factor in how these effects will translate into how people experience the space before committing to its design!

What’s Your ROI?

Walkable skylights are perfect for anyone looking to increase their home’s value. Not only do these skylights bring in natural light, but they also offer practical benefits that can add up to real bucks.

Faster Home Sale: Homes with walkable skylights are more visually attractive, and they’re much more likely to be sold quickly compared to homes without them. This means substantial savings in terms of double mortgages, utilities, and property taxes during the time this property sits on the market.

Energy Savings: Walkable skylights reduce your dependence on artificial lights – leading to tangible energy savings that will benefit you while you’re still living in the home or can be used as a selling point come time to enter the market.

Walkable skylights
Walkable skylights

Intangible Feel of the Home: Natural light makes any home feel inviting and warm, which could earn you a higher asking price when it comes time to sell! Studies show that real estate with poor or insufficient lighting leases for 20 percent less than those with walkable skylights.

Commercial Work

Skylights, particularly walkable skylights, offer a myriad of benefits for businesses. Restaurants, retail stores, and hospitality services all benefit from the addition of these unique skylights.

The financial benefits are clear and undeniable; adding a skylight allows for aesthetically pleasing interior design without having to sacrifice precious space or square footage. And this is just one of the five advantages you can come to expect from such an installation.

Walkable skylights also provide the perfect blend of exterior and interior design concepts by creating a sight line from inside to outside. Not only does this lend itself well to contemporary design, but it also adds a particular feeling – whether it’s one of relaxation or excitement- that no other feature quite provides.

Is a Walkable Skylight For You?

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