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Structural Glass Stairs

Incorporating glass products into the design of a staircase can be both functional — and make a beautiful design statement.

For pragmatic purposes, architects, builders, and designers often utilize Circle Redmont’s modular concrete or metal pavers, inset with all types of glass, to bring light and improve sight lines in dark spaces, such as parking garages and concrete stairwells.

Architects and designers can also create an entire staircase — treads, risers, side panels, and landings — from beautiful glass to serve as a focal point in a commercial space or contemporary residence.

Whether your project is indoors or out, commercial, public, or residential, Circle Redmont has the products to infuse functional light, inspired elegance — or both — into any design. Everyone loves the brilliance that glass delivers, including your clients.

Glass Products for Stairs

91R™ Plank Glass & Metal System

Circle Redmont’s 91R™ Plank Glass & Metal System can be used to create glass stair treads, risers, and landings. 91R™ panels provide maximum glass coverage for the highest levels of illumination. A sleek metal framework discretely holds each panel in place for beautiful, uninterrupted expanses of glass. Each system is custom-designed and engineered to your specifications for a truly custom result. Our sturdy tempered glass is offered in both standard green or our low-iron, nearly colorless glass.

91R™ Glass Pavers & Metal Systems

For maximum illumination in a modular design, our 91R™ solid glass paver-and-metal panels are the top choice for projects requiring the most glass coverage and light transmission. These glass floor panels incorporate six- or eight-inch glass pavers into a metal framework that is tailored to fit each project.

The steel framework of the 91R™ system is finished with Circle Redmont’s standard white or black two-part epoxy prime urethane high-gloss top coat or a stainless steel non-directional bead blast finish. Custom colors and finishes are also available. Our design team can customize 91R™ glass stair landing panels to fit and accentuate the space you are designing and provide much-desired light to any project.

SolarWhite™ Glass Block & Metal Systems

Circle Redmont’s SolarWhite™ Glass Block & Metal Systems are glass blocks incorporated into an aluminum or steel framework. An economical product that will suit any budget, these prefabricated glass block panels install quickly and easily, saving money on time and labor. The SolarWhite™ framework features an architectural swirl finish or a two-part epoxy prime urethane high gloss topcoat in standard black or white or a custom color. Several glass styles and sizes are offered.

71R™ Glass Pavers & Precast Concrete

Light and transparency are achievable even in the strongest of materials — concrete. Our load-bearing 71R™ Glass Pavers & Precast Concrete panels can be used for the most heavily-trafficked staircases. They feature durable, solid glass pavers that recycle daylight and won’t chip or crack. The pavers are available in square and round shapes and in a selection of sizes and in clear, sandblasted or lavender glass. Custom concrete colors and five concrete finishes are offered: broom, smooth trowel, sandblasted, and honed. 71R™ panels can also be recessed to accept field-applied finishes such as wood, tile, and terrazzo.

81R™ Glass Bullets & Cast Iron Vault Lights

One of Circle Redmont’s most exciting products, 81R™ Glass Bullets & Cast Iron Vault Lights were developed to serve as a replacement to the 19th and early 20th century historic vault lights that were often set into sidewalks throughout large urban centers. Circle Redmont sets small circles of solid glass into cast iron for a striking effect that is both vintage and contemporary. While beautiful as sidewalks, the panels can be used to make eye-catching staircases — including treads, risers, and landings — as well.

Add natural light and transparency to your next residential or commercial project with a functional or dramatic glass staircase. From heavy-duty concrete panels to ethereal planks of beautiful glass, Circle Redmont has just the right stair product for every application.

Glass stairs are beautiful, practical, and can fit your project’s budget. Contact Circle Redmont today to discuss the products to realize your vision.