Walkable glass skylights from Circle Redmont offer a variety of benefits for both residential and commercial buildings. Glass is a great way to let in natural light and create a pleasant, airy atmosphere in any space. With our walkable glass products, you can take advantage of the beauty of traditional glass windows while also enjoying the convenience of walkability for your lower-level areas. Plus, our sidewalk skylight applications feature cast iron or concrete integrated with glass pavers for maximum durability.

When it comes to safety on outdoor surfaces, we’ve got you covered! Our structural glass is made with 3-ply laminated glass that’s designed to be stronger than regular window glass-plus, traction control frits (or anti-slip textures) can be incorporated into the top surface of the walkable panel for added safety. Finally, waterproofing sealant prevents any water from seeping underneath and causing damage to the lower levels below.

Skylights are a great way to elevate any building structure-whether they are installed on rooftop decks, pool decks, or more creative locations like pavements or terraces. No matter where they’re placed, each panel is specially tailored to meet individual requirements. Look no further than Circle Redmont for all your skylight needs!

Walkable Skylights

Our walkable glass skylights offer many benefits that make them a great choice for any building. Their custom-engineered structural metal framework allows them to span virtually any, opening and they can be cut to accommodate any radius or geometric shape. Plus, these products come finished with an epoxy primer and high gloss top coating, so you can rest easy knowing that your skylight is well protected against the elements. And if you’re looking for even more privacy without taking away the light that penetrates through, sandblasting the top surface of the skylight will do just that while also providing anti-slip textures and patterns for safe walking.

Circle Redmont’s walkable glass skylights can be used in both interior and exterior applications as well, making it easy to get creative with your design ideas and create something truly unique. One popular walkable glass skylight application has been rooftop decks or other similar applications – showing us how versatile these beautiful structures can be! Designers have even incorporated walkable glass skylights into grass! With all these amazing capabilities, it’s no wonder that walkable glass skylights are considered one of the best choices out there.

The benefits of installing walkable glass skylights are undeniable. Not only can they be used as an architectural element to enhance any design aesthetic, but they also create a more open and spacious feeling in any room. Additionally, walkable skylights reduce energy use resulting in savings on heating and cooling costs.

The glass skylight is specially designed to provide maximum daylighting, which is a practical feature of this unique floor fixture. Natural light provides invaluable benefits for anyone outdoors or indoors, and glass skylights blend effortlessly into their surrounding environment and fit flush with any surface.

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Safety is also on our list of priorities-the texture of the glass skylight is slip-resistant and provides privacy while still allowing ample amounts of natural light in. It can also be insulated to make it waterproof. On top of that, you’ll have the ability to customize walkable glass skylights to fit any size requirement with Circle Redmont!

Walkable skylights offer many benefits when incorporated into commercial and business structures. They offer a connection to the outdoors and bring in much-needed natural light. The ability to walk on them while they transmit the maximum amount of natural daylight, making traditional dark spaces seem brighter and larger, is what makes walkable skylights stand out compared to other glass features in an architectural design.

When it comes to energy costs, glass skylights can have a beneficial impact and help you save money as they provide better insulation at their framing perimeter. Installing them in office buildings which do not have access to windows is definitely a worthwhile investment, as the abundance of natural light will help enhance people’s moods, increase productivity levels, and improve the overall atmosphere.

The incorporation of walkable skylights into commercial spaces provides numerous benefits to businesses, from government buildings to retail stores. Not only does the natural light inject beauty and freshness into traditional designs, but it also creates an appealing and unique experience for customers. Plus, these glass features do not take away any square footage and often help reduce energy costs due to their insulation properties.

Glass can modernize any traditional design, especially when walkable skylights are included in the plan. Natural light is allowed to pour through large glass panes, transforming dark and artificially lit spaces into areas that appear larger, brighter and more contemporary.

Additionally, office buildings typically lit by artificial light can be incredibly enhanced with a glass skylight above–allowing natural light to reach places where it may never have reached before. Skylights also provide some of the most unique outdoor dining experiences as they are often used for rooftop bars or decks. Frosted or sandblasted glass options are available for added privacy without compromising the beautiful flow of natural light inside.

walkable glass skylights
walkable glass skylights

At Circle Redmont, our design team is eager to help create the perfect glass skylight for any project so you can maximize the benefits of walkable skylights in your space!

Skylight Applications

Walkable skylights are incredibly beneficial for a variety of applications and projects. Whether you’re looking to create a balcony, bridge, deck light, terrace, or any other commercial or residential building, these glass skylights allow for the most optimal level of light transmission with maximum coverage. Plus, the frames of the skylight can be custom painted in order to match any design goal.

Circle Redmont is willing to work with you every step of the way in order to turn your structural glass project into reality. Even more customization options—such as adding colored interlayers and etching company logos or other visuals into the glass—are available upon request. Lastly, all walkable skylights pass slip tests in order to ensure safe use when walking on them.

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When it comes to walkable glass skylights, Circle Redmont is a leader in the industry. Their unique Architectural Structural Glass Flooring Systems offer a range of applications for architects and designers looking for luxurious living solutions. From barrel vaults to bridges, decks, stairs, sidewalks, and vault lights, their systems provide reliable durability with a modern aesthetic appeal.

Walkable glass skylights offer several benefits: they add natural light to an otherwise dull space; they create an open feeling without sacrificing privacy; and with the right design, even provide adequate temperature control year-round. With walkable glass skylight systems from Circle Redmont, these properties can be achieved all while protecting your privacy in the most stylish way.

No matter the application, Circle Redmont has you covered. They offer custom solutions that are tailored to fit any shape or size requirement and are designed to resist heat and cold extremes while ensuring safety at the same time. Additionally, their product information is readily available on their website by submitting a request form right there on their page! So don’t wait–make sure your next architectural statement is made with walkable glass skylights from Circle Redmont!