1R Solid Glass Paver & Precast Concrete Panels

Elevate Timeless Craftsmanship with Modern Elegance

Discover the fusion of heritage and innovation with our 81R™ Glass Bullets & Cast Iron Vault Lights, an architectural masterpiece that redefines the essence of historical preservation while infusing a touch of contemporary grace.

At Circle Redmont, we bring you a groundbreaking solution acknowledged by the esteemed New York City Landmarks Preservation Commission (LPC). It stands as the ultimate replacement for current cast iron and glass bullet vault lights and stair tread areas.

Where Tradition Meets Innovation: Design Features

Our 82R Composite Cast Iron Vault Lights panels stand as a testament to preserving historical value while embracing modernity. Crafted to precision, these vault lights epitomize the perfect blend of functionality and elegance. The 82R vault light panels are perfect for non-load bearing surfaces like walls and hung ceilings. They boast a sleek black patina finish, but customization options in various colors await.

1R Solid Glass Paver & Precast Concrete Panels

Radiant Elegance: Revel in Glass Mastery

Imagine an architectural display featuring panels adorned with an arrangement of approximately (22) 1-1/2″ round solid glass bullets per square foot—resembling stars on a celestial canvas.

These glass elements go beyond mere decoration; they embody captivating allure, inviting natural light to gracefully move through spaces. In the delicate interplay of strength and delicacy, our glass embodies ambiance and architectural charm in equal proportions.

1R Solid Glass Paver & Precast Concrete Panels

Dimensions Redefined:
A Tapestry of Sizes & Shapes

Our 81R panels wield the power of versatility, capable of covering expanses up to fifteen (15) sq. ft overall or 5′ in one direction for 100lb loads, or nine (9) sq. ft overall or 5′ in one direction for 600 lb loads.

These panels serve as gateways to unleash your creative freedom. Our panels offer the flexibility to be installed in tandem, seamlessly covering openings of almost any size. Alternatively, we can design a customized structural support subframe to meet the specific requirements of your vision.

Precision in Strength:
Unraveling Load Capabilities

With diverse architectural landscapes come diverse needs, and we stand poised to meet each demand with finesse. Our panels boast two distinct thicknesses, catering not just to regular commercial loading but also to the sturdier requirements of sidewalk loading. 

  • Standard Commercial Loading: Approximately one and one-half inches thick, weighing approximately 38 lb per sq. ft.
  • Sidewalk Loading: Approximately four inches thick, weighing approximately 95 lb per sq. ft. 


Our panels are forged to stand the test of time, supporting your architectural aspirations with strength and precision.

1R Solid Glass Paver & Precast Concrete Panels

Inspired by the creative possibilities of 81R™ Glass Bullets & Cast Iron Vault Lights?

1R Solid Glass Paver & Precast Concrete Panels

Experience the
Circle Redmont Difference

Dive into a realm of excellence where relationships flourish, creativity thrives, and engineering mastery unfolds. We don’t just create; we collaborate. Our commitment extends beyond products; we cultivate long-term partnerships with architects to bring their boldest visions to life. Custom fabrication services? Absolutely. No vision is too out-there; no challenge too daunting.

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1R Solid Glass Paver & Precast Concrete Panels