Glass Deck

Decks—any elevated, unenclosed platform—can be attached to all buildings and residences. However, all kinds of elevated walkways, boardwalks, train platforms, and other structures also fall under the broader category of “decks.” No matter what type of deck you are designing, there is a sure way to add light, beauty, and excitement to the project by incorporating glass flooring products from Circle Redmont.

When your deck project calls for glass, Circle Redmont has the structural glass flooring to achieve your vision.

Glass is a wonderful flooring choice. It allows for two-way transmission of light and a visual connection between floors or between a deck space and the outdoors. Circle Redmont offers glass flooring choices for decks, from glass deck panels with small pavers and concrete or metal to wide glass planks that seem to defy gravity.

Our solid glass pavers and precast concrete panels are a perfect deck glass product. These durable pavers, also known as patio glass panels, offer an exciting way to recycle light in many applications, including residential and commercial decks, mass transit stations, bridges, vaulted sidewalks, and more. Designers can choose from various concrete surface finishes and custom colors or even specify recessed panels to accept a custom field-applied finish of your design or specification (wood, tile, or terrazzo, for example). The glass deck panels carry a 150-lb. per square foot live load capacity. Circle Redmont offers these glass panels in custom sizes, shapes, and configurations.

Solid glass pavers set in a metal frame are another attractive and durable yet lighter option than concrete when your project calls for deck glass. They offer generous glass coverage for the most illumination you can find in a modular design. Each panel is made to specification, incorporating six- or eight-inch square glass pavers into a metal framework available in high-gloss black, white, or custom-finished stainless steel.

Do your specifications require maximum glass floor coverage with the highest illumination? Circle Redmont offers plank glass floor panels manufactured for each project’s exact shape and measurements for a custom result. We fit our plank glass units into a metal framework to build a deck glass design that spans any area you wish to cover. Our plank glass and metal panels are suitable as deck flooring, individual deck lights, walkable skylights, and stair treads, risers, and landings. Our glass flooring designs offer an innovative way to utilize glass as a natural light source to brighten any space. We offer our glass deck panel framework in a choice of finishes, including stainless steel, black, white, and any other custom color.

With Circle Redmont, you can feel confident specifying a glass deck floor without worrying about the strength, safety, and durability of our products. We design our deck glass for both indoor and outdoor applications. Our structural glass is supported by structural steel framework and engineered for structural soundness. Glass decks literally and figuratively elevate the outdoor experience, affording views below the glass deck and illuminating below-deck spaces like patios or interesting architectural features at ground level.

Expert Support from the Initial Ideation Through the Final Installation of Your Glass Flooring System

Glass Deck Floor

Circle Redmont’s standard structural glass features a popular and contemporary blue-green tint, but architects and designers can specify low-iron, nearly colorless glass for the most transparent finish.

For safety and privacy, you may specify glass frits and sandblasting to achieve a transparency level of your choice. Even with sandblasting, abundant light will still penetrate the surface and add outstanding illumination. Outdoor glass decks can be combined with our structural glass stair treads to add even more “wow” to any architectural landscape design. If designing an outdoor deck, Circle Redmont offers waterproof options to protect spaces below the deck.

Nothing to see underfoot, but still drawn to the idea of a glass deck floor for a given project? Create something. Collaborate with your client’s landscape designer or contractor to place something as simple as stones or rocks beneath the glass to create an extra area of interest. For larger budgets, water features or even aquariums are also options.

Circle Redmont can incorporate LED lighting into our glass decking systems for nighttime ambiance and safety. Light will not only pass through the glass deck and down to lower levels. Glass decks can serve as balconies and double as walkable skylights, giving sight lines to basement areas. Our high-impact structural glass can even handle the weight of a car for truly spectacular driveways, garages, or showrooms.

Whether a transit platform, a skyscraper rooftop, or an outdoor residential hangout space, incorporating glass decking into your next project will deliver the wow factor your clients will respond to. Whatever your vision for your client, Circle Redmont has a flooring system to create a stunning glass deck.