1R Solid Glass Paver & Precast Concrete Panels

Glass Bullet and Composite Cast Iron | Traditional and Decorative

Our 82R glass bullet and composite cast iron brings the historic old world feel into your building without the weight of traditional cast iron. Composite cast iron panels can be backlit with LED lighting that beautifies your interior space in the spirit of traditional glass block pavement lights. These glass bullet and composite cast iron panels can be installed as a decorative wall or in a hung ceiling application.

Properties | Composite Cast Iron Vault Lights


The 82R panel’s top surface is available with a hammered back painted finish. Additional colors available. 

Glass Options

Panels incorporate approximately (22) 1-1/2″ round solid glass bullets per sq. ft. 

Sizes & Shapes

Panels are custom fabricated to your requirements. A large selection of shapes and sizes is available. 

Load Capabilities

Panels are for decorative use only.