Step Up Your Design with Glass Stairs

2022-10-28T10:35:29-04:00October 23, 2022|Glass Applications|

Step Up Your Design with Glass Stairs What could be more dramatic than a staircase constructed of beautiful glass? Depending on the desired function, architects, designers, and builders can use glass either in the form of modular paver sections or in the form of ...Read More

Modern Architectural Glass Wall Applications

2022-10-28T10:49:13-04:00October 23, 2022|Glass Applications|

Modern Architectural Glass Wall Applications Since its invention, humans have incorporated glass into their homes and work environments. This timeless material illuminates while giving us a view of the world beyond our walls. A glass wall can be a perfect design solution in many ...Read More

Glass Flooring

2022-10-28T10:43:47-04:00October 23, 2022|Glass Applications|

Diverse Products For Glass Flooring Did you know that glass flooring dates back to the 19th century? Glass pavers were used in sidewalks as “vault lights” and, interestingly enough, in ship decks to illuminate below-deck spaces. In the 1940s, cities, and towns paved over ...Read More

Vault Lights

2022-10-28T10:46:38-04:00September 25, 2022|Glass Applications|

Vault Lights The History of Sidewalk Pavement Lights Prior to their use in city sidewalks, vault lights first appeared in 1845 as a way to provide light below deck on ships. Invented by Thaddeus Hyatt, they reduced the use of open-flame lighting that had ...Read More

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