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Illuminating the world through natural lighting

For structural glass panel systems you’ve never imagined possible, Circle Redmont is your source. Architects and builders who have searched the world over are making the same conclusion — only Circle Redmont provides the expertise, engineering, and proprietary processes for glass flooring, bridges, walls, vault lights, and structures.

Add a breathtaking design feature with a walkable glass floor from Circle Redmont.
From stunning glass panel staircases to lighted glass walkways & decks, structural glass is an earth-friendly option to brighten interiors. Using colors, textures, patterns, shapes, and finishes, Circle Redmont creates distinct walkable skylights, glass barrel vaults, flooring, walls, canopies, and more.

63 years of superior craftsmanship with our glass flooring systems

Walkable Glass Floors, Skylights, and Vault Lights Recycle Natural Daylight

walkable glass floor

World’s Leader in Sidewalk Vault Lights

Circle Redmont’s structural glass paver panel systems span the world with innovative designs and craftsmanship that last a lifetime. Take a look at some of our previous projects that showcase our ability.

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Structural Glass Flooring Systems

Structural Glass Flooring Systems

We have all your glass flooring needs including sidewalks, stair treads, landings, bridges, walls, windows, skylights, and specialty projects. Let us provide you with a custom solution tailored to your client’s specific application.

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Assisting the Architectural and Design Community Through Natural Light Alternatives


interior glass floor

Create a unique and stunning look that also allows light to permeate through multiple levels.

Enhance outdoor spaces with glass decks that combine safety, beauty, and a touch of the extraordinary.

Brighten up any area with our durable and aesthetically pleasing vault lights.

Open up rooms without sacrificing privacy, blending indoor and outdoor environments seamlessly.

Glass Stairs

Add a modern twist to any building with glass stairs that serve as both functional structures and art pieces.

glass bridges

Experience the thrill of walking on air with bridges that provide safe passage and unparalleled views.

Glass pavers

Illuminate the floors below with natural light, adding a new dimension to your interior design.

If your clients love their windows, walls, and skylights, wait until you unveil the glass floors you can create with Circle Redmont. Glass floors open the space underfoot, transmit light, and add sightlines between floors. Adding glass to the “sixth wall,” delivers the wow factor like nothing else. Circle Redmont’s glass flooring products are the result of more than 60 years of engineering and design for performance and aesthetics. We provide designers and architects numerous on-trend choices when it comes to glass flooring products, from glass blocks to gleaming planks that seem to float on air. In addition to a large selection of single glass pavers, we offer glowing, energy efficient lighted glass panels, a wide selection of modular glass block and metal systems, glass block and concrete panels, dramatic, wide plank glass systems, and vault lights that revisit a bygone era in a contemporary way. Circle Redmont isn’t simply a glass supplier. We are design partners for architects, designers, and contractors. Let us work with you to create a truly custom glass floor that will complement your project sublimely.

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No matter where you are designing a deck—attached to a residence, a commercial space, a public transport station, a boardwalk—elevate it by incorporating glass into its design. Glass deck flooring products offer two-way transmission of light as well as a visual connection between levels or between a deck space and the outdoors. Circle Redmont has plenty of glass flooring choices for decks, from panels inset with glass pavers to heavy-duty concrete and glass block to wide glass planks that seem to defy gravity. When your deck project calls for glass, Circle Redmont has the structural glass flooring to achieve your vision.

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Recapture the beauty and function of early 20th century vault lights—prisms of glass that were set in iron or concrete sidewalk sections to illuminate dark spaces below city streets. Circle Redmont has reimagined these functional and beautiful glass features in a contemporary way in our Glass Bullet & Cast Iron Vault Lights. Architects and designers have used this product from sidewalks to stairs, landings, bridges, walls, barrel vaults, and more—all to illuminating and beautiful effects. Circle Redmont Vault Lights are recognized by the New York City Landmarks Preservation Commission (LPC) as a replacement for existing cast iron and glass bullet vault lights.

A variety of other Circle Redmont products can also be used for the vault light effect, transmitting light from both above and below. This includes our concrete and glass panels that are beautifully suited for sidewalks, public transit stations, and anyplace you want to add more daylight underground or transmit light from below. Circle Redmont fabricates vault lights to your specifications for a truly customized result. Choose from a variety of glass sizes and finishes and customize the panel finish as well. Circle Redmont invites you to reimagine how to use this beautiful and contemporary take on a timeless glass application.

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Why settle for a window when you can give your clients a wall of glass? Whether it is an exterior wall or an interior divider, a glass block or glass brick wall can be a perfect design solution in many situations, offering just the right amount of transparency and light as well as a contemporary design statement — or a throwback to the Art Deco, Streamline Moderne, or even Mid-Century Modern eras. Circle Redmont offers dozens of off-the-shelf products and more customization options than you can imagine. Glass blocks and bricks as well as our wall panel products can be customized for size, configurations, color, and texture for the exact light transmission, privacy, and aesthetic you envision. Circle Redmont offers a variety of light-penetrating products that check all the boxes: beautiful illumination, functional and energy-efficient insulation. We offer a host of contemporary glass blocks and bricks, mortarless glass block wall systems, and more.

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Whether in a residential or commercial space, when it comes to stairs, nothing provides the function or form of glass. Circle Redmont’s glass flooring systems are perfect for creating staircases that stream daylight, open sightlines, and look beautiful. Products like our concrete-and-glass-block or steel-and-glass-block modular paver systems add highly desired daylight to dark stairwells. Products like our plank glass stair treads, combined with glass treads, risers, landings, balustrades, side panels, and railings make a dramatic design statement and focal point in both commercial buildings and residences.

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Whether it’s connecting elevated sections of an interior space or dramatically spanning two hillsides, incorporating glass blocks or panels into a bridge design brings light to the project and enhances visual connections. In addition to the streaming of daylight, glass bridges also offer a view (or just a hint, depending on the level of transparency you choose), as to what lies above or below. Circle Redmont offers products for every architect and designer’s vision. From concrete or metal grids inset with glass blocks to dramatic planks of transparent glass, we offer the glass product for any bridge you can design.

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Walkable skylights combine practicality and aesthetics, allowing architects and designers to place glass overhead and underfoot simultaneously. Whether it’s a new design or a remodel, walkable skylights provide a way to stream daylight and add a sense of openness to dark or cramped spaces. Circle Redmont offers a number of products to create a walkable skylight for any commercial or residential project. From heavy-duty concrete and glass block panels for high-traffic areas to beautiful wide glass planks in a variety of transparencies, textures, and finishes, we have the products to help you “wow” your clients with walkable skylights.

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