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Elevate your designs with Circle Redmont’s 91R™ Glass Pavers & Metal Systems

Welcome to a world of elevated design possibilities with Circle Redmont’s innovative 91R™ Glass Pavers & Metal Systems. Step into a realm where architectural brilliance meets radiant illumination, courtesy of our Structural Glass Paver Systems. 

Whether you’re envisioning captivating indoor spaces flooded with natural light or outdoor walkways that inspire awe, our 91R™ Glass Pavers & Metal Systems offer the perfect solution to elevate your architectural projects to new heights.

The Design Benefits of 91R™ Glass Pavers & Metal Systems

Designed to epitomize elegance while offering maximum glass coverage, these systems serve as the ideal choice for architectural projects seeking luminance.

The design benefits of our 91R™ Glass Pavers & Metal Systems go beyond aesthetics, offering practical advantages that enhance architectural projects:

Engineered to embody elegance and maximize glass coverage, these systems elevate architectural designs with their sophisticated appearance.

Ideal for projects seeking luminance, these systems seamlessly integrate into architectural elements as they illuminate spaces with natural light.

With a modular design, our glass floor panels can be effortlessly incorporated into bridges, stair treads, and other architectural features.

Beyond their visual appeal, these systems offer durability and structural integrity, which ensures long-lasting performance in diverse environments.

With customizable finishing options, including a range of paint colors and stainless-steel finishes, architects can tailor the aesthetic to match their unique vision and design preferences.

From indoor spaces flooded with natural light to visually stunning outdoor walkways, our 91R™ Glass Pavers & Metal Systems redefine architectural possibilities by seamlessly blending elegance with functionality.

Metal System

Design Features

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, Circle Redmont’s 91R™ steel frameworks are elevated with our brand’s signature white or black 2-part epoxy prime urethane high gloss top coat. Every gleam reflects precision and elegance, which makes these panels a standout feature in any environment.

In addition, stainless steel panels boast a sophisticated non-directional bead blast finish that radiates precision and sophistication. With versatile finishing options, including a range of paint colors and stainless-steel finishes, you can tailor the aesthetic to perfectly match your unique vision and design preferences.

Glass Options

At the core of our 91R™ Glass Pavers & Metal Systems are meticulously crafted six-inch (6″ or 8″) square glass pavers, designed to amplify the aesthetic allure of your architectural space. These glass panels are more than just functional components; they embody our commitment to architectural expression and excellence.

Sizes & Shapes

Versatility is the hallmark of our offerings. Each 91R™ panel undergoes meticulous design and engineering processes, custom-tailored to meet the distinctive specifications of your project. Our adaptable metal frameworks seamlessly integrate with square glass paver units.

Load Capabilities

Engineered for durability, our panels boast an impressive load capacity of 100lbs per sq. ft. over a four-foot (4′) span. Moreover, for projects demanding severe loading standards like ASHTO HS 20-44, our panels are customizable to meet stringent requirements, ensuring enduring resilience against the toughest conditions.


Simplicity and durability define our products. Our 91R™ glass floor panels demand minimal maintenance, providing the benefit of hassle-free upkeep. Regular upkeep only requires an occasional wash with soap and water. We understand that architectural solutions should enhance spaces without adding unnecessary maintenance hassles, so you can experience longevity and easy maintenance.

The Circle Redmont Difference

Circle Redmont extends beyond being just suppliers; we’re your creative partners. We nurture enduring relationships to translate your design concepts into tangible reality. From ambitious visions to practical solutions, our custom fabrication services breathe life into architectural dreams. Our hallmark is excellence in engineering, and our promise is creativity in design.

Step into the world of sophistication and architectural finesse with Circle Redmont’s Structural Glass Paver Systems. Allow us to transform your architectural visions into an illuminated reality. Contact us today and embark on your journey to architectural brilliance.

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