1R Solid Glass Paver & Precast Concrete Panels

Glass Paver & Precast Concrete | Vaulted Sidewalk Projects

Our 71R Solid Glass Pavers & Precast Concrete Panels offer an exciting way to recycle light in heavily trafficked areas. These glass pavers are built for durability in all types of structures, from sidewalks to mass transit areas that demand incredible strength. 71R panels are built for load-bearing and are fire resistant.

Our 71R panels mirror the aesthetic beauty of precast concrete pavement lights in design and functionality. They can be installed as sidewalks, deck lights, stairs, landings, bridges, and more. If you’re seeking inspiration for a vaulted sidewalk design in your space, our glass paver systems are a modern and creative way to reimagine this historic feature.

Properties | Glass Paver & Precast Concrete


The top surface of the 71R panel is available in a variety of finishes (e.g. broom, smooth trowel, sandblast, honed). Custom concrete colors and finishes are also available. It can also be recessed to accept field-applied finishes (e.g. wood, tile, terrazzo).

Glass Options

Panels can incorporate a variety of square or round solid glass pavers. We also offer smaller glass pavers designed for historic restoration and landmark preservation projects.

Sizes & Shapes

A variety of common panel sizes are available. Custom shapes, sizes and configurations are possible to fit your project’s design.

Load Capabilities

Panels are engineered and fabricated to a 150lb per sq. ft. live load over a five-foot (5’) span, or panels can be customized to meet larger spans or heavier loading requirements (e.g. ASHTO HS 20-44).


71R panels require little or no maintenance other than occasional washing with mild soap and water.

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