Structural Glass Consulting and Design

Circle Redmont excels in our partnerships with architects, designers, and engineers, who depend on us to turn their design concepts into reality!

Our longstanding relationships with architects demonstrate our commitment to constantly improving and evolving our glass products to push the boundaries of what is possible. All we need from our collaborating professionals is a hand sketch or a CAD rendering that illustrates their vision. Our design team will develop creative product design options to achieve that vision.

With every product we create, we always consider:

  • Exterior and Interior Challenges
  • ‘Green’ certifications
  • Cost Parameters
  • Structural Design Integrity
  • Code Requirements
Teamwork for Structural Glass Design

Custom Fabrication Services

Circle Redmont’s highly-skilled team of custom fabricators serves the nation. Our fabrication capabilities include welding, machining, painting, sandblasting, and sheet metal fabrication. We have served the nation for more than 60 years in producing stairs, gates, railing, glass structures, artistic designs, and other specialized pieces.


Complete welding services with our experienced welders. Circle Redmont specializes in Mig, Tig, and Stick welding. We are happy to consult with you to determine which solution is best for your application.


We have a full-sized sandblast booth at our facility with the expertise to handle your needs. Whether it’s concrete, metal, or glass we’ve got you covered! We even offer customized sandblast patterns.


Expertly painted finishes are provided in our full-size paint booth using a variety of top-quality materials including PPG and Sherman Williams paint.


We have an entire shop of metalworking machines & tools to fabricate your project. From cutting, welding, grinding, drilling, sandblasting, and painting, we can handle every aspect of your project from start to finish in one facility!

From Glass Floors to Glass Block Skylights, Circle Redmont Can Turn Your Dream into Reality

Excellence in Engineering

Circle Redmont’s advanced engineering systems take into account all of the specifications of your project. Our team of qualified engineers includes CAD programmers who blend old-world craftsmanship with the latest technology and enable incredible accuracy, scalability, and visualization. We can even provide our clients with 3D drawings that allow them to customize items on a screen and view the various angles, intricacies, and details.

The work and vigor of our engineering team propel our structural glass products towards perfection. With every project we account for:

  • Design intent: What structural glass dimensions do you need? What glass flooring thickness would be ideal? What level of glass traction control options you should consider
  • Support sizes, spans & finishes
  • Shop drawings, plan views, elevations, details, section cuts
  • All details are covered and listed for approval before fabrication
Crown Fountain Structural Glass Solutions

Crown Fountain – Millennium Park

Designing a Building with a Glass Floor? Circle Redmont Can Help With Every Step.

Assembly and Shipment | Rigorous Safety Standards

The construction, assembly, and transportation of our structural glass products meet and/or exceed industry standards. All phases and operations performed at Circle Redmont are completed with quality assurance controls at every stage, which allows us to produce glass products that withstand extreme environmental and temperature challenges. Before shipment, our glass products are fully assembled and photographed to verify dimensions. Customers have come to trust in our commitment to producing quality products, the historical knowledge obtained throughout the years, and the production of thousands of successful projects.

63 years of superior craftsmanship of Structural Glass Solutions

Because of the scope and scale of some of our projects, we have to consider beyond what happens within our facility. The transportation and installation of the final product demand patience and expertise. Our preparation for project delivery to the building site includes custom crafting, rigging, trailer truck layout, detailed instructions, and alpha/numeric coded labeling. We are happy to handle the coordination of transportation, or we will work with the client’s transport services. Regardless of who is moving the product, we’ll ensure it’s done right. Our delivery package typically includes a packing list, plans, a truck layout diagram, and loading photos.