Glass Bridges

Walkable bridges, whether indoor or outdoor, are an exciting and dynamic place to incorporate glass underfoot. Not only does the use of glass as a building material provide always-welcomed illumination to very dark areas below a bridge, but glass flooring provides bridges with beauty, sightlines, and visual interest as well.

Walkable Glass Floors, Skylights & Vaults

Building Breathtaking Bridges

Some wonderful examples of the use of glass in bridge applications include the Grand Canyon Skywalk, a 10-foot wide, horseshoe-shaped glass bridge that stretches out 70 feet out over the rim of the Grand Canyon and affords views of the 4,000 feet of open space between the bridge and the canyon floor. Another dramatic use of glass in bridge applications is the recently opened SkyBridge Michigan, the world’s largest timber-towered suspension bridge at Boyne Mountain Resort. Suspended 120 feet in the air between two peaks, the 1,200-foot long footbridge features a center section of plank glass, giving visitors an uninterrupted — and for some, nerve-wracking — view of the valley floor below.

Glass can enliven any bridge project, whether outdoors, connecting hillsides or buildings or traversing waterways, or indoors, connecting balcony areas, indoors to outdoors, or as a feature in a voluminous space. The possibilities are endless, and glass bridges always deliver the “wow” factor.

Glass Products for Every Bridge Project

Whatever you are designing them for, Circle Redmont has glass paver and structural glass products to help you create beautiful bridges.

Our precast concrete panels with solid glass pavers are customizable and offer the perfect glass product for heavily-trafficked bridges. The highly durable glass sections offer an opportunity to recycle daylight in bridge applications in commercial areas such as public sidewalks, urban campuses, mass transit stations, and more.

glass paver for glass bridges

Architects and designers can specify surface finishes and colors in our precast concrete and glass pavers. Alternatively, they can also specify recessed panels that can accept a custom field-applied finish, such as wood, tile, or terrazzo. Circle Redmont creates our concrete and glass paver panels in custom sizes, shapes, and configurations.

Solid glass pavers set in a metal frame are another attractive and durable, yet lighter, option than concrete when your bridge project could use a touch of glass. They provide substantial glass coverage for the most illumination available in a modular design. Each panel is made to specification, incorporating six- or eight-inch square glass pavers into a metal framework available in high-gloss black, white, or custom-finished stainless steel.

For real thrills and a definite “wow” factor, incorporate plank glass into your bridge design. Circle Redmont’s plank glass and metal systems provide maximum glass coverage and the highest levels of illumination and transparency. Our panels are manufactured for each project’s exact shape and measurements for a custom result. We fit our plank glass units into a metal framework to build a deck glass design that spans any area you specify. We offer our glass deck panel framework in a choice of finishes, including stainless steel, black, white, and any other custom color. Plank glass bridges will have everyone walking on air.

Glass elevates any pedestrian bridge, affording two-way views and illumination of dark spaces below the walking surface. Circle Redmont’s walkable glass products for bridges offer innovative ways to maximize natural light and brighten spaces. With more than 60 years in glass manufacturing, you can feel confident specifying our glass building products for any walkable surface, from bridges to decks, stairs, walkable skylights, and more. Our strength, safety, and durability have made us worldwide leaders in glass for both indoor and outdoor applications.

We look forward to working with you to design bridges that are sure to wow your clients.