Glass Floors

Glass floor designs are now all the rage. Tourist attractions have helped to elevate their status and even motivated others to embrace them too. Walking across a glass floor is an unforgettable experience, making glass floors one of the most popular architectural design choices around the world.

Elevated walkable glass

Willis Tower

Willis Tower in Chicago, Illinois is home to “The Ledge,” a glass floor that provides sightseers with unforgettable views of the city. Step out onto the 103rd floor and take in all Chicago has to offer from nearly one thousand feet above the ground.

Elevated walkable glass Willis Tower Chicago

Grand Canyon Skywalk

Experience the Grand Canyon like never before from the Skywalk, with its revolutionary glass bridge. Marvel at the spectacular views and take in the awe-inspiring beauty that can only be found there. A visit to this iconic landmark will stay with you forever.

Elevated walkable glass bridge Grand Canyon

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CN Tower

CN Tower stands tall over Toronto, showcasing a majestic view to the city below. This glass floor is exceptionally resilient—strong enough to withstand 14 large hippos walking on it!

Elevated walkable glass CN Tower Toronto

Le Meridien

Travelers with a passion for luxury can experience paradise at Le Méridien Bora Bora. Over-water bungalow suites offer unforgettable views of the lagoon below. See the stunning photos on Expedia and book your stay today!

Elevated walkable glass Le Meridien Bora Bora bungalow suites

Glass floors provide an undeniable wow factor. They create a unique, luxurious look that can offer tourists stunning once-in-a-lifetime experiences. You don’t need to step onto a glass bridge over the Grand Canyon to get this effect – use glass floors for a staircase as an architectural accent in your design. Increasingly popular in museums, retail stores, and commercial buildings, glass flooring shapes bold statements.

Circle Redmont’s glass floors bring life and sparkle to any space. Not only do they create incredible visual effects, but they also increase thermal efficiency and can be installed in most surfaces. Take your next project to the next level with stunning glass flooring solutions from Circle Redmont!

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