Glass Flooring Makes a Brilliant Statement

Infuse an unexpected source of light or even drama into a space with a walkable glass floor from Circle Redmont. We work with architects and designers to select the best materials and collaborate on glass floor designs that deliver the “wow” factor. Our professionals are eager to work with you to design and fabricate a glass flooring solution to thrill your clients.

Engineering is integral to the design of all of our glass flooring systems, and it is part of the value Circle Redmont creates for you and your clients. We design, engineer, and fabricate custom glass solutions for even the most challenging projects.

Glass floors from Circle Redmont can illuminate a space in an unexpected way and have your clients walking on air. We are ready to design and build the glass flooring system that will suit your project perfectly.

Circle Redmont provides stamped engineered drawings in all 50 states and Canada. Circle Redmont provides design assistance and engineering drawings to ensure a successful installation. We ship everything needed for contractors to install the system.

Expert Support from the Initial Ideation Through the Final Installation of Your Glass Flooring System

91R™ Structural Glass Flooring System

Circle Redmont creates structural glass flooring that is clearly beautiful. Moreover, our glass floors are designed and tested for strength. The 91R™ Structural Glass System offers maximum glass coverage and our highest levels of illumination. The system consists of plank glass floor panels incorporated into a metal framework. We create each system to specification for a design that will span any area you wish to cover. The 91R™ can be used for flooring and stairs, as well as walkable skylights and bridges.

Choose from blue/green glass or crystal clear low-iron glass. Both allow for customizable levels of transparency and have slip-resistant options.

91R™ applications can include:

  • Glass floor balconies
  • Historic preservation projects where you want to showcase features below the surface
  • Glass display floors
  • Wine cellars
  • Pedestrian bridges
  • Residential glass floors
  • Glass decks
  • Glass stairs
  • Stair landings

Glass Pavers and Precast Concrete: Circle Redmont’s 71R™

Looking for a way to add exciting nighttime light in heavily trafficked indoor and outdoor areas? Circle Redmont’s 71R™ Solid Glass Pavers & Precast Concrete Panels are built for durability in all types of structures and applications from residential decks to mass transit areas. 71R™ panels are load-bearing and are fire resistant.

The 71R™ panels mirror the beauty of precast concrete sidewalk pavement lights in design and functionality. They can be installed as sidewalks, deck lights, stairs, landings, bridges, and more. If you’re seeking inspiration for a vaulted sidewalk design in your space, our glass paver systems are a modern and creative way to add light underfoot.

SolarWhite™ Glass Floors: the Cost-Efficient Glass Block Floor Surface

Circle Redmont’s SolarWhite™ panels incorporate prefabricated hollow glass blocks into a structural aluminum or steel framework. These monolithic panels are load-bearing and thermally efficient. SolarWhite panels install quickly and require little maintenance, making them a cost-efficient form of glass block architecture for both vertical or horizontal use. The glass block flooring system’s applications include residential deck surfaces, skylights, or complete structures such as barrel vaults.

Historic Glass Bullet Vault Lights

Our 81R bullet glass and cast iron vault light panels are recognized by the New York City Landmarks Preservation Commission (LPC) as a suitable replacement for existing cast iron and glass bullet vault light and stair tread areas. 81R glass bullet panels will restore your cast iron pavement lights to their original splendor or add historical relevance to your streetscape in a modern way. Applications include sidewalks, stair treads, risers and landings, deck lights, bridges, and more.

Did You Know Glass is the Sustainable Solution?

Structural glass, like that used in our vault lights, is a sustainable building product. Why? Glass is primarily composed of sandstone and limestone, making it 100 percent recyclable–a claim few other building materials can make. Moreover, glass’s longevity means that it rarely needs to be replaced. Glass in these types of applications can last 50 years or more. As evidence, look at some of the vault lights from the early 20th century still functioning in sidewalk grates today. And, of course, glass is an “off the grid” light source, needing no electricity or gas for daytime illumination.