Architectural Accents

Walls are an integral part of any building design, and architectural accents can drastically enhance the aesthetic appeal and practicality of a space. Often associated with outdated style from the ’80s, modern technology and design experts have embraced glass flooring for creating beautiful industrial lofts, restaurants, vintage storefronts, offices, and even dividing walls.

When designing architectural accents using glass block or Circle Redmont’s glass flooring systems, there are many factors that affect how much light passes through one space to another. Textured or colored blocks in various patterns and sizes offer resistance to elements like hurricanes, wind, tornados, and fire, as well as reducing heating costs associated with energy conservation. Glass block walls can provide privacy while still allowing natural light to enter your spaces.

glass flooring accents

Glass block and flooring accents also minimize sound transmission, making it perfect for all sorts of interior areas including schools and community spaces. These ever-popular architectural accents deliver an attractive blend of aesthetics, functionality, and cost effectiveness!

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The Design

The design potential of incorporating architectural accents such as glass block walls into your projects is astounding, especially when you want to make a statement. Notable examples include the University of Alabama, Ronald Reagan Airport, and the Willow Hotel, which all successfully used glass block as an accent wall to create high-end exteriors that are still remembered today. Tapping into the possibilities of different patterns and textures, you can bring your vision to life!

Using glass block walls comes with several great advantages. For instance, it provides privacy in one space while still allowing light through; its low sound transmission qualities are a great choice for offices, schools and community spaces; not to mention the energy savings through increased daylighting that comes with installation.

Glass block walls

Why Circle Redmont

Circle Redmont’s design consultants look forward to helping you get creative using architectural accents as part of your design story. With their extensive knowledge, you are bound to leave a lasting impression, and you know your project is in good hands.

If you’re looking to add a unique and stylish look to your walls, design, or other built architectural accent, Circle Redmont is the industry leader. For over 63 years, they have been providing world-class glass block and glass flooring systems for professional builders and homeowners alike. They always try to allow for natural lighting to optimize the use of your interior and exterior space.

At Circle Redmont, their projects incorporate glass into a wide range of situations – from designing walkways and bridges – to vault lights and stairways – their work has been seen throughout the world. With these custom architectural accents, you can enjoy beautiful and economically efficient functionality in whatever project you’re undertaking.

For more information on these innovative glass flooring or glass block options that can enhance your office or home atmosphere, don’t hesitate to contact Circle Redmont through their online contact form.