Diverse Products For Glass Flooring

Did you know that glass flooring dates back to the 19th century? Glass pavers were used in sidewalks as “vault lights” and, interestingly enough, in ship decks to illuminate below-deck spaces. In the 1940s, cities, and towns paved over many of the glass sidewalk lights with concrete during World War II to assist with blackout periods. However, in the 20th and 21st centuries, glass was continually redesigned for superior strength and beauty with new manufacturing processes, allowing architects and designers to use glass pavers and other glass building products for underfoot applications that span large distances.

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Glass makes a statement when used as a flooring surface. Some of today’s glass products are suitable as both a flooring surface and overhead. Consider a rooftop deck, a walkable skylight, or using glass blocks in landscaping. Glass flooring systems are also perfect for historic renovation projects where you might want to showcase items of interest underfoot. For instance, structural glass floor panels at Main Street Station in Richmond, Virginia, reveal the historic 1901 railroad tracks that remain intact beneath the station’s modern platform.

Whether indoors or out, a glass flooring system can add excitement, interest, light, and sometimes even a heady sense of floating on air. More types of glass can be used as flooring than many people might imagine: pavers, including those with illumination, glass planks, glass staircase systems, and metal or concrete grids with inset glass. A glass floor of pavers or planks can be tinted and customized to designer specifications.

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Glass Block and Metal Systems are Cost-Effective and Versatile Glass Flooring Options

If you want to make a glass flooring statement on a budget, incorporate glass into walkways, decks, or floors with a metal-and-glass block system. Glass blocks, such as those in our SolarWhite™ Glass Block & Metal Systems panels, give off glowing illumination. SolarWhite™ incorporates hollow glass blocks (6, 8, or 12 inches) into a structural aluminum or steel framework. These monolithic block panels are prefabricated, load-bearing, and engineered to be thermally efficient. Fast and easy installation decreases labor costs, and SolarWhite™ requires little maintenance once installed. As a floor, applications include residential deck surfaces, bridges, stairs, and more. The panels hold a minimum live load capacity of 60 lbs. per square foot on a 5-foot span. Custom options are also available.

Prefabricated glass pavers allow for a quick and easy installation. Give our design experts a call to start working on your flooring project today.

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Beautiful Glass Pavers in Precast Concrete

In terms of strength, few building products can compare to concrete. When it is inset with glass pavers, concrete rises to a new level of beauty and natural illumination. We offer a prefabricated way to blend concrete and glass with Precast Concrete Panels. Circle Redmont designed our precast concrete panels with glass pavers for both interior and exterior applications, horizontally or vertically. Architects and designers commonly use them in commercial indoor and outdoor flooring and ground applications, such as balconies, bridges, decks, interior floors, roadways, sidewalks, stair treads, and patios.

Our 71R™ Solid Glass Pavers & Precast Concrete Panels offer an exciting way to recycle light in heavily trafficked areas. Several concrete finishes are available. The glass pavers are available in 2.75″ and 3.5″ square (historic pavers), 4.5″ and 7.5″ round, and 6″ and 8″ square. We offer these panels in several standard sizes as well as custom sizes and loading requirements.

Modular Design with Maximum Glass Floor Coverage

Circle Redmont’s 91R™ Glass Pavers & Metal Systems provide glass blocks in a steel or aluminum framework that is lighter than concrete panels yet can still handle heavy loads. The system incorporates our 6- or 8-inch glass pavers into a metal grid for the most significant illumination available in a modular design. The panels are tailored to fit each project and can add light and interest to bridges, stair treads, hallways, balconies, sidewalks, and other indoor and outdoor underfoot applications.

Flooring, sidewalks, bridges, and more can be an unexpected source of illumination, drama, and interest when you incorporate beautiful glass.

Architects and designers will love the versatility and creative potential of Circle Redmont’s products for glass floors. Contact us to discuss choices that will “wow” your clients.