Vault Lighting

Vault lighting plays a crucial role in architectural design, not only providing illumination but also adding aesthetic value. Historical buildings often feature vaulted ceilings and intricate details, making vault lighting a unique lighting approach. Modern buildings also incorporate vault lighting to add sophistication to any space. This blog post highlights the importance of vault lighting and why Circle Redmont is a leader in manufacturing vault lights.

Vault lighting is ideal for highlighting intricate architectural details such as vaulted ceilings. It can also create a dramatic effect, adding depth and dimension to a room. Vault lighting can be achieved in various ways, including sidewalk vault lights, barrel and ceiling vault lights, and vault light bridges and stairs, each having its advantages and can create different effects.

One popular type of vault lighting is the vault light, a glass panel set into the floor or ceiling to allow natural light to filter through, illuminating the space below or above. Vault lights are an excellent way of bringing natural light into a dark space, making it feel more open and inviting.

vault lighting

Circle Redmont is the industry leader in manufacturing vault lights, specializing in architectural glass and metalwork for over 60 years. Our products are found in iconic buildings worldwide. Circle Redmont designs vault lights to be both functional and beautiful, using high-quality materials such as specialty glass, concrete, cast iron, and stainless steel, ensuring longevity.

Circle Redmont’s commitment to quality and innovation has made us the industry leader in manufacturing vault lights. We use only the best materials, and our skilled craftsmen take pride in producing products to the highest standards. Our dedication to innovation enables us to stay ahead of the competition and remain the go-to company for architectural glass and metalwork products.

Vault lighting is a vital aspect of architectural design, providing both functional and aesthetic value. Circle Redmont’s vault lights and other architectural glass and metalwork products showcase our commitment to quality, innovation, and excellence in the industry. Our customizable options allow architects and designers to create a unique look while using high-quality products from a trusted manufacturer. Overall, Circle Redmont’s products are a testament to our dedication to quality and innovation, making us the best choice for vault lights and other architectural glass and metalwork products.

vault lighting