Glass Wall Ideas for Modern Spaces

Since its invention, humans have incorporated glass into their homes and work environments. This timeless material illuminates while giving us a view of the world beyond our walls. A glass wall can be a perfect design solution in many situations, offering as much or as little transparency as desired and translucency and insulating properties.

Glass block is a beautiful material for creating a wall. But forget everything you think you know about glass blocks. No longer is this category of building materials limited strictly to those small, ridged squares you’ve seen in showers or basement windows–or 1980s TV shows. The new world of glass block includes many new patterns and styles to unleash architects’ and designers’ creativity and create dream spaces.

Today’s glass block market offers a variety of light-penetrating surfaces that complement contemporary design aesthetics. This material checks off various other boxes as well: it is not only beautifully illuminating but functional and energy-efficient, too.

These new products are practical and beautiful when incorporated into a glass block wall.

Glass Wall Systems

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A Modern Glass Wall Offers Something Unexpected

A glass block wall, whether in a residential space or as glass office walls, can be purely utilitarian, providing privacy and light simultaneously. Designers often choose glass blocks for this type of function. However, modern glass block products can also create a “wow” factor in a home or commercial property. Glass block now comes in shapes other than “block,” such as circles or bricks, many of which offer a sought-after and contemporary look.

In the workplace, like some of WeWork’s shared office spaces, glass block partitions divide workspaces for privacy while promoting natural light and creating an inviting, open atmosphere.

Another exciting innovation in today’s glass block technology is the ability to customize this versatile material’s transparency, translucency, and texture to achieve desired levels of privacy and light in a glass wall. Additionally, we can customize glass blocks to deliver a transparent, illuminating pop of color. Imagine a room bathed in brilliant golden light from an exterior glass block wall fitted with a yellow interlayer or an accent wall in an energizing blue.

Form meets function in a beautiful glass block wall. Contact us to find out how translucent accents and dividers can become a brilliant addition to your projects.

Glass Wall Systems

Glass Wall Systems as Accent and Divider Walls

Builders can use a glass block or brick walls to divide spaces in retail or restaurant spaces or as an office divider for beautiful aesthetic effects. Glass blocks and glass bricks lend visual interest, privacy, and sound insulation. These qualities make them ideal for schools, offices, conference venues, libraries, and other public spaces.

Increasingly, designers and architects are specifying glass wall systems for dividers in open-concept living spaces, such as lofts, studio apartments, and contemporary houses. A glass wall made of blocks or bricks offers customizable levels of transparency and privacy between open spaces as desired.

Glass brick is another excellent accent or divider wall material. Glass bricks function like masonry bricks and are available in different dimensions, including full and half-sized bricks. Though offering a more elevated and luxurious look than traditional glass blocks, people and objects appear distorted for privacy and translucency.

Sleek, mortarless glass block walls

Traditionally, a standard glass block accent wall joins glass blocks with mortar or grout joints, but this need not limit designers. For its functional and aesthetic attributes, mortarless glass block grid walls are growing in popularity. The Mortarless Glass Block Wall system is a versatile product that architects and designers can use to enhance light transmission and achieve a sleek look. Moreover, the system can fit any setting, window, or wall. A hidden internal steel or aluminum grid enhances light transmission and offers clean lines. This system is perfect for interior/exterior use as a window, wall, and even an exterior windscreen. Traditional glass blocks can be laid within this system, as can glass bricks. The grid accommodates a stack bond or the popular running bond option. A good deal of extra light is transmitted when no grout lines interrupt the beautiful glass masonry. Visual separation and maximum light make a mortarless glass block system an appealing option.

Those thinking of using glass blocks for interior or exterior walls should investigate Circle Redmont’s wide and customizable selection of products. These include our Elite Glass Block Panel System, which offers the look of a hand-laid glass block with the structural maintenance and other benefits of prefabricated panels. Also, the SolarWhite™ Glass Block & Metal Systems is worthy of consideration, and it pairs hollow glass blocks with a structural aluminum or steel framework for a cost-effective solution.

Glass block and brick can offer clients a brilliant option for their exterior or interior dividers or accent walls.

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