As a professional architect, designer, or builder, when you think of pavers, what comes to mind is probably stone, brick, or concrete composite pieces used for setting into the ground as a walking surface.

However, glass pavers are a contemporary and exciting way to switch things up outdoors and underfoot. Fortunately, there are many different types of products to inspire you if you are interested in using glass for paving and so many ways to incorporate client-pleasing glass into any commercial or residential project.


Foot bridges, whether indoor or outdoor, are a great place to add glass pavers. Not only does it provide refreshing illumination to what could be a very dark area below the bridge, but transparency and interest at bridge level. Glass blocks used in the stairs and elevated walkway bridges bring light into the building Akron-Summit county public library in a way that helps to illuminate what would otherwise be a darkening feature. Circle Redmont has glass paver products to help you create beautiful bridges. They include:

bridge glass pavers


Decks, as in elevated platforms that can be attached or unattached to a structure, are another place to use glass pavers. For elevated walkways, boardwalks, train platforms, rooftops, and more, glass pavers can transmit light and/or connect spaces visually. Products that can be used as deck pavers include:

glass deck


Individual Glass Pavers Allow for Creativity

For a truly custom space for your client, view our glass pavers.