Glass deck panels are the ultimate in outdoor decking materials, offering versatility and customization. Not only is Circle Redmont’s structural plank glass ideal for decks, but our glass can also be used in stair treads, risers, landing panels, and other applications, either interior or exterior. Our glass floors are made by combining glass and steel framing to create structurally sound decking systems.

Although you can use standard or low-iron glass to create your glass decks, adding a fritted top layer will provide more privacy and slip resistance when wet while still allowing natural light in. You can customize how much transparency there is by sandblasting the surface of the panels, which provides privacy.

Glass Panel Systems

Installing a glass deck floor can be an amazing way to enhance your outdoor living space. Adding glass panels for decking can provide a unique, contemporary look that’s surprisingly modern and chic. But beyond the aesthetics, it can also be a great investment and add value to your home. In order to keep your outdoor glass deck in great condition, there are certain things you need to keep in mind.

First, you should consider whether waterproofing is necessary for the glass deck flooring system that you choose. This may be the case if you install the glass panel system sitting on top of the ground like a walkable skylight. Additionally, if the panel is built directly over dirt, you may want to incorporate decorative rocks or stones beneath the glass panel in order to create a beautiful outdoor scene while also preventing dirt from collecting on the surface of the panels.

glass deck floors

Furthermore, incorporating lighting into structural glass decks is possible and can even produce breathtaking results. For example, LED lighting incorporated into these systems allows for light radiating up through your deck as well as downward onto lower levels, truly creating an amazing ambience like no other!

Glass deck panels can be a stunning way to bring a modern touch to an outdoor space. While they may have a fragile appearance, these decks are extremely strong and able to withstand weights up to 100 pounds per square foot.

Maintaining Glass Decks

To keep your glass deck looking its best and lasting for many years, it’s important to properly maintain it. Clean your glass deck regularly with a high-quality glass cleaner that won’t leave behind streaks and either a lint-free cloth or mop. Furthermore, to prevent scratching, you can add an anti-slip texture to the top surface of the glass called “traction control frits.” This will not only provide grip so it is not slippery but can also add additional privacy. Regular maintenance will enhance the look of your glass deck, keep the surface clean, and help ensure its long lifespan.

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