Walls & Windows

Glass Walls Download Specifications Request More Info Architects and designers are shrugging off their notions of dated 1980s glass block and taking advantage of a wide array of new products in the marketplace ...Read More


Glass Stairs

Start your glass stair project today. Learn More The "Wow" Factor of Glass Stairs There are a number of reasons architects and designers may choose glass as a staircase material. Aesthetics, of course, ...Read More



Visitors to New York City’s SoHo neighborhood, Philadelphia, Vancouver, Amsterdam, Dublin, London, and Victoria, BC do not have to look far to notice a beautiful artifact underfoot. Small circles or squares of thick glass—often turned purple or yellow with time—set ...Read More


Vault Lights

Vault Lights History Download Specifications Request More Info In the mid-19th century, American inventor Thaddeus Hyatt sought a way to illuminate spaces below ships’ decks—a safer way, that is, than the lanterns, ...Read More


Barrel Vaults

Download Specifications Request More Info One of the most beautiful architectural shapes is the barrel vault. With their curved planes and soaring effect, it’s easy to understand why barrel vaults have been so often employed throughout history. Also known as ...Read More



Walkable Glass Floors, Skylights & Vaults Recycle Natural Daylight Contact Our Design Team Walk-out Skylights Skylights are a way to infuse a space — especially an otherwise dark one — with daylight, ...Read More


Glass Floors

Glass Flooring Makes a Brilliant Statement Infuse an unexpected source of light or even drama into a space with a walkable glass floor from Circle Redmont. We work with architects and designers to select ...Read More



Glass Structure For centuries, the public and private sectors have hired architects and artists to create landmarks that make a statement, commemorate an event, memorialize a person or persons, or draw the public’s attention — to move them, make them ...Read More



Glass Bridges Walkable bridges, whether indoor or outdoor, are an exciting and dynamic place to incorporate glass underfoot. Not only does the use of glass as a building material provide always-welcomed illumination to very dark areas below a bridge, but glass flooring provides ...Read More


Glass Decks

Glass Deck Decks—any elevated, unenclosed platform—can be attached to all buildings and residences. However, all kinds of elevated walkways, boardwalks, train platforms, and other structures also fall under the broader category of “decks.” ...Read More