We look at the Architect's vision and recommend solutions that explore all angles and budgets. We are proud to support the architectural community with the ability to say "what if" with Circle Redmont® tasked to provide the "how". This important service is how we build relationships that are meant to last, like the products we create.

We look at all exterior and interior challenges, 'Green' certifications, cost parameters, degree of structural adequacy, load bearing needs and code requirements. A hand sketch or CAD rendering is typically provided to illustrate how we can take your vision to reality.


Design with the best and let us worry about the rest. Circle Redmont® provides complete engineered systems that take all things into consideration including:

• Design intent - concrete / aluminum / steel / cast iron / glass block / glass pavers / insulated glass / glass plank

• Finishes, sizes, thickness, load, spans

• Shop drawings, plan views, elevations, details, section cuts

• All details - covered and listed for approval prior to fabrication

Computer Aided Design

Circle Redmont's engineering department includes CAD programmers who blend old world craftsmanship with the latest technology to enable incredible accuracy, scalability and visualization. Our SolidWorks® expertise allows complex designs to be seen and manipulated onscreen. We can provide our clients with 3D drawings that allow them to customize items onscreen for viewing of various angles and details.


Circle Redmont’s construction is held to impeccable standards that some simply refuse to follow. Many of the formulas, equipment and processes are as closely guarded as WD40's formula. All phases and operations are carefully completed with quality assurance controls at each step. Circle Redmont® glass structures are designed to withstand the widest environment and temperature tolerances - from the sub zero Arctic to the hottest desert.

Each project is fully assembled, erected and photographed prior to shipment to verify dimensions. We have the equipment required for precision, automation, and volume consistency. Our trained craftsmen cut, weld, mix and more to exact  tolerances.


Because of the scope and scale of many of our projects, proper transport is a mini job within a job. Our preparation for project delivery to the build site goes to the extremes with custom crating, rigging, trailer truck layout, first on/last off instructions and easy-to-understand, alpha/numeric coded labeling.

We are happy to handle coordination of the trucking or work with a client using their own transport services. For the latter, we will specify to the transport company how the product will be shipped, the type of transport truck required, need for an air-ride flatbed, covering, etc. Our delivery package typically includes packing list, plans, truck layout diagram, and loading photos.

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