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The perfect fit for your team.

Making extraordinary design dreams a reality takes the right mix of talents and expertise. Our experience teaches when an owner, architect, contractor, and adjoining trades work well together it enhances the successful installation of superior structural glass elements. Circle Redmont® works to promote early team involvement while supporting the roles and responsibilities of each team-member.

We bring expertise and focus to the table.

Working exclusively with unique and innovative structural panel systems that incorporate glass, our team of designers, engineers, project managers and craftsmen have decades of invaluable expertise and experience. We are focused on designing, engineering, and manufacturing innovative structural glass products and have amassed an unparalleled arsenal of intellectual capital to draw upon.

We handle as much or as little as you require.

From concept to construction, Circle Redmont® does it all and provides free consultation to many renowned architects who share our passion for exceptional design. We facilitate their vision by sharing our insights on engineering and construction methods necessary to solve unconventional concepts while providing 3D renderings that allow you to explore all angles of a project in its intended environment. We can also fabricate prototypes, scale models, provide engineering calculations, perform material testing and even preassemble at our plant for your inspection and facilitate onsite assembly and installation.

When it comes to structural glass, our expertise knows no limits.  

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